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  1. Installing the KeePass Password Manager

    Today I want to walk through installing the KeePass password manager on Windows 10. This post will explore downloading, installing, and first steps to using a local password manager. The end result, for those who follow these steps, will be an encrypted password generation and storage mechanism.

    Setting Up KeePass …

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  2. Self Doxing: Loose Lips Sink Ships

    For anyone who spends any time reading my content, you may remember a recent post that outlines my thoughts on the general basics of Operational Security. A well timed tweet <https://twitter.com/cokebottle/status/1012345863371395072>\ last week, sparked by this article <https://medium.com/@cosmin.ciobanu/my-top-5-opsec-rules-for-airport-lounges-7c0a48d4c09b>, kicked off …

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  3. OpSec in the Real World

    Operations Security

    What is OpSec?

    Operations Security (OpSec) is the action of protecting information which might be used against one in a hostile encounter. OpSec forces a person, or organization, to perform threat modeling to determine potential vulnerabilities which might be exposed to adversaries and establish controls aimed at anticipating …

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  4. Breaking into Offensive Security

    There's been a lot of talk around this topic lately. As I've been working to solidify my team's bond, I also have the challenge of helping those interested in getting involved in the offensive security world. This quest has helped me identify some things you might consider when trying to …

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  5. New Year, New Vulnerabilities

    Well, we got to ring in the new year with some major excitement, haven't we? 2018 has met us with a nasty 1-2 punch combination, no doubt! First, the exposure of a vulnerability that effects millions of GPS tracking devices <https://www.csoonline.com/article/3245312/security/gps-tracking-vulnerabilities-leave-millions-of-products-at-risk.html>__ …

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  6. My New Year's Resolution

    How did we get here?

    As I was enjoying the Christmas holiday with family, a revelation washed over me. My affinity for technology, once a healthy hobby, had devolved into a sick dependency and an addiction. This experience sparked some intense reflection into how I used to love getting my …

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  7. A Christmas Rant

    Please allow me to rant for a moment...

    I was engaged in a conversation recently when I was met with a statement that someone "had to buy me a gift, so it might as well be $thing."


    Let me get one thing absolutely straight, for anyone listening.

    You are …

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